Underwater Light


Mount above or below water to illuminate your aquatic activities.


Mount this Underwater Light above or below water to illuminate your aquatic activities. Sold individually as a single light.


  • UV-stabilized white ABS plastic housing is made to withstand the abuse of a marine environment
  • Completely submersible. Internal components are “potted” to prevent corrosion and the two-part housing is sealed closed.
  • Optional LED bulb may be used in both 12V and 24V applications
  • Optional mounting bracket, Model QL-SPL-MB, allows for removal of the light when not in use


  • 12V incandescent power consumption: 4 amps
  • 24V incandescent power consumption: 2 amps
  • 12V LED power consumption: .55 amps
  • 24V LED power consumption: .3 amps

Bulb Options:

  • 50 watt incandescent flood bulb. Lamp is rated for 400 hours.
  • 12/24V LED flood bulb rated for 50,000 hours.
  • LED illumination up to 450 lumens.
Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 6.75 × 3.1875 in
Product Dimensions 6.75" dia. x 3.1875" D
Light Appearance



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