90-Day Warranty

Buy with confidence with items made in the USA! We are proud to offer a 90-day warranty against defective material and workmanship on all of our products and accessories. Our customer service is second to none.

Who We Are

Barnegat Light Marine Products has been a leading manufacturer of professional-grade specialty lighting since 1975, preferred by boat builders and enjoyed by boating enthusiasts the world over. 

Now located in Yardley, Pennsylvania, we strive to provide you with the innovative, high-quality products you need to help keep you safe on the water.

Barnegat Light Marine Products is a subsidiary of the Ziamatic Corporation.

All of our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured with marine use in mind. They are built to handle a rough and tumble life on the water while aesthetically complementing the look of your watercraft or dock.

Enjoy Your Boat

Whether you are a boat builder or simply a weekend hobbyist, our lighting and safety products are built to enhance your experience on and around the water.

Boost passenger safety as you move about the deck and cabin with one of our many interior boat lighting solutions.

Increase visibility around and in front of the craft with our selection of powerful external marine boat lights, and boat light mounts and brackets.

Illuminate and beautify your waterfront with some of our fully-submersible dock lights. Improve balance, reduce dangerous footing, and make unsafe transfers a thing of the past with our sturdy, maintenance-free DOCK BOSS safety handrails.