Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater Boat Lights

Underwater lighting from Barnegat Light Marine Products is sure to enhance your nighttime sailing experience. Whether you are cruising in a yacht, doing some night fishing, or heeling over in a sailboat, underwater boat lights are essential for the ultimate evening adventure.

Lighten Up The Mood

Imagine a clear night sky, water lapping against the yacht, and exciting conversation. Now imagine the mesmerizing impact underwater LED lights would have on the mood of the evening. We carry an assortment of underwater lights to create a variety of effects below your boat.

Brighter Night Fishing

There are many benefits to using boat lights when fishing at night. Underwater lights can attract the smaller plankton and bait species, which then draws larger game fish. Having two lights spaced several feet apart increases the amount of area you are able to cover.

Depending on the color of light you are using, underwater marine lighting can also increase visibility in murky waters. If you can see better, the fish can probably see better, too. Fishing can be a relaxing, as well as exhilarating experience.

Fish at night using our LED underwater lights and bring a whole new level of relaxation and exhilaration to your boat.

Nighttime Sailboating

Relying on the wind, combined with your own skill as a sailor, is part of what makes sailboating such an adventure. After the sunsets, it becomes a whole new experience. You likely don’t want searchlight-bright while you are out on the water at night, but some soft underwater lights can help you see above board and below.

Checking the depth of the water, as well as being able to see your navigation devices will be easier with a few lights.  Like fishermen, sailboaters may find the biggest attraction to using underwater LED boat lights is attracting fish and other marine life to view.

Our Underwater Boat Lights

Many of our boat lighting options are completely submersible and suitable for underwater installation on your boat. The QL-UWL underwater light and QL-SPL Swim Platform light, for example, can be installed above or below water. Here are just a few other features of these specialized lights.

  • Halogen & LED Models Available
  • UV Stabilized ABS Housing
  • Water Tight Seal
  • Resistant To Corrosion
  • Great For Viewing Marine Life, Fishing & Diving

Order Underwater Boat Lights

For your underwater boat lighting needs, contact Barnegat Light Marine Products. Order today or find out more about the lighting options we have to compliment your unique craft.