LED Boat Lights

LED Boat Lights

If you’re looking to purchase LED lights for your boat, Barnegat Light Marine Products has plenty of options, and we ship nationwide. Whether you’re the captain of a commercial vessel, an avid angler, or a sailboat enthusiast cruising the high seas for fun, we have great energy-efficient lights for you to choose from.

Boat Lights Keep You Safe

Every boater’s navigation lights must comply with the U.S. Coast Guard Regulations. Regardless of whether you’re sailing a fishing boat, yacht, or sailboat, other boaters must be able to see you once the sun goes down. At Barnegat Light Marine Products, we carry a wide variety of lights that are exceptionally bright and visible.

Why Choose LED Marine Lights?

Even though they can seem to cost more than incandescent lights up front, LED lights are ultimately a worthy investment. These lights outperform all other types of bulbs in numerous ways, which can help you save money in the long run.

  • Highly Energy-Efficient – LED boat lights emit the same amount of light as incandescent or halogen bulbs while using significantly less electricity. You can save money and worry less about draining your batteries or overloading the circuits on your boat.
  • Durable & Much Longer-Lasting – LED bulbs take much longer to burn out than incandescent bulbs, so you’ll save money by not needing to replace them nearly as often. Many of our LED light options last up to 50,000 hours!
  • Less Fragile – this makes LED a better option for your underwater lighting and Cockpit/Courtesy lights.
  • Shine Brighter – LED lights are much brighter than any other type of bulb. They can help you navigate your way home while keeping your deck and walkways bright even after dark.
  • Keep Your Cabin Cooler – Incandescent light bulbs lose much of their energy by giving off heat, so it’s no surprise that they tend to warm up the inside of your cabin quite quickly. LED lights are highly energy-efficient and won’t make your cabin hot and stuffy.

Types Of LED Boat Lights

LED lights can be used almost anywhere inside or outside your boat. If you’re thinking about upgrading, or are ready to replace or add lights, we invite you to check out our product catalog for options.

Buy The Best LED Lights For Your Boat

At Barnegat Light Marine Products, we offer a wide assortment of both traditional and modern boat and dock lights. Contact us today to place your order for LED boat lights or for more information on how to find the best marine lights for you.